2018 Utah Solutions Summit

Coming Together to Solve the Opioid Crisis


U.S. Senator Mike Lee

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes

DEA 360

Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation

October 12, 2018

Vivint Smart Home Arena
Salt Lake City, Utah

9:00am-12:30pm: Youth Opioid Summit (Register your school)
1:00pm-5:00pm: General Session (Get your tickets)

2018 Utah Solutions Summit

This Year’s Summit:

Much like has been done in previous Utah Solutions Summits, many different organizations and individuals of various backgrounds and political leanings are coming together to find solutions for an issue that matters to Utah. Senator Mike Lee, the Utah Attorney General’s office, the DEA 360 Program, the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, The Sutherland Institute, the Salt Lake Chamber, and many others are partnering for this year’s event focused on the opioid crisis. The purpose of the 2018 Summit is to foster a greater sense of connection and collaboration among our local and national community to create better and more effective options at all levels so those impacted by the opioids crisis can choose connection instead of addiction.

The Utah Solutions Summit: Instead will be held at the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. This dynamic, multi-dimensional event will engage Utahns of all ages and backgrounds in compelling and empowering ways. This summit will provide education and resources that will help spark a movement whose goal is nothing less than the eradication of opioid abuse in Utah and across the United States.

Stigma and shame are the walls that often separate people from rescue while sweeping the issue under the rug for the rest of us. “Out of sight, out of mind” must no longer be our approach to addiction. We must connect for a cure instead.

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Strengthening Community and Connecting for Solutions

Since 2014, Senator Lee has convened many important local and national leaders for the annual Utah Solutions Summits to discuss important and pressing challenges with an eye toward solution-minded ideas and policies. Unique to this year, Senator Lee joins AG Reyes to expand the Solutions Summit by partnering with the Utah Opioid Task Force to tackle the opioid epidemic in the largest conference of its kind. The realization that the opioid problem is deeper and more universal than we would like to admit, especially in Utah, led Senator Lee and AG Reyes to engage with those fighting to find solutions to the crisis.

With a special focus on reaching youth and addressing addiction before it begins, the Utah Solutions Summit: Instead seeks to give those who deal most directly with the problems caused by opioid misuse and addiction the opportunity to connect. We will take down silos preventing collaboration between stakeholders, and instead join together in a shared mission exploring better choices, overcoming stigma and shame, and providing an opportunity to educate and empower Utahns.

Utah can and will help solve this issue by coming together, engaging in the rescue of those struggling with addiction while connecting with one another to prevent the loss of any more Utahns to opioid addiction, overdose, and death.

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“This is a fight we can win. We know this because Utahns have a history of coming together to tackle difficult social problems.”


“The opioid epidemic is the most pressing public health crisis our country faces. Far too many of our friends, family, and neighbors have fallen victim to the devastating plague of addiction. We can win this fight but need everyone’s help to do it.”